/ The citadel
and its park

Take advantage of your stay in Lille to discover its unmissable park. Located in the heart of the city, the Citadelle Park extends over 110 hectares around the fortifications built by Vauban between 1667 and 1670.

With its green picnic areas, its wood which houses a fitness trail, its cycle paths, its tree climbing course, its 9,000 m² amusement park and its zoo, the Citadelle Park is suitable for all ages and all tastes. It is the perfect place for a stroll for two, with family or friends.

/ The streets
of Old Lille

To soak up the atmosphere of a city, what could be more natural than a walk through the streets of the old city? While walking through the beautiful cobbled streets of the Old Lille, you will discover a thousand wonders. The walk offered is of an unsuspected richness which leads to a journey.

The Spanish-coloured facades are mixed with the more classical ones of Flanders. From the rue de la clef you will arrive at the Place des Patiniers, to escape by the rue des Arts. The streets of Vieux Lille tell the story of a rich city, indeed many buildings are classified as Historic Monuments. Finally, the view from the rue de Gand on the Cathedral Notre Dame de la Treille is enchanting.

old lille
grand place 3

/ La Grand

Discover the warm and dynamic Grand Place in the centre of Lille. Also known by the name of former French president Charles de Gaulle who was born in Lille in 1890, the city named the square after him. A perfect meeting place, day and night, which criss-crosses the shopping streets.

In the centre of the square you can see the monument of the Goddess Column, which was inaugurated in 1845. During the Christmas period the square is dressed with a Ferris wheel, which allows the passer-by to admire the architecture of the city from a panoramic view.