/ The Palace
of fine arts

The Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille is an outstanding exhibition space, renowned throughout the world. Visitors appreciate its various collections, its temporary exhibitions, its events but also the building itself, a magnificent setting for the works it houses.

With its superb collections of paintings, sculptures and objects from the major European artistic movements of the last ten centuries, the Palais des Beaux-Arts is the second largest museum in France.

Complete your knowledge with a guided tour or share some family time with the workshops organised for young and old to discover different artistic activities.

/ The citadel
and its park

For a change of scenery without leaving the city, head for the Citadelle and its park, a popular spot for both locals and visitors.
Discover this 110-hectare park, with the "Queen of Citadels" built by Vauban between 1667 and 1670 at its centre.

There is a wood with a fitness trail, cycle paths and large picnic areas. It is also the ideal place to try your hand at tree climbing or to enjoy the thrill of the Cita-Parc theme park.


/ The cathedral
Our Lady of Treille

The contemporary façade with its majestic stained glass window by Ladislas Kinjo is probably the most surprising thing about the Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral. This major building in the city combines a neo-Gothic style with a modern façade, added in 2008 after almost 150 years of work.

The cathedral can be visited every day. In the crypt there is now a centre for sacred art.